Holistic Veterinary Services

Dr. Ann Swartz provides holistic veterinary services for all species. Services include but are not limited to:

Herd Health Management

Herd Health Management helps optimize herd populations’ health, welfare, and production. Dr. Swartz’s approach emphasizes organic and grass-fed pasture management, backyard poultry, and milk production.

Animal Normalization Therapy

Animal Normalization Therapy, based on the principles of osteopathy, is an approach to healing that relies on hands-on techniques, as taught by Patricia Kortekaas, PT. This non-pharmaceutical approach is designed to help animals strengthen their body’s natural defenses and return to ‘normal’ alignment.

Mobile Vet Euthanasia and In-Home Animal Hospice

Losing a companion is one of life’s hardest events. Dr.Swartz has over 35 years of experience in compassionate in-home pet euthanasia and in-home animal hospice. This allows your companion to be comfortable and relaxed at home with loved ones for their final moments.

Physical Exams

A veterinary examination is a comprehensive check-up of an animal’s physical health. Exams aim to identify health problems early so that they may be treated promptly and effectively, ensuring the best overall health.

Alternative Care Options

Alternative care options are treatments and therapies outside conventional Western veterinary medicine. Some examples of alternative care options offered here include:

  • Herbal Medicine: The use of plant-based remedies to treat various animal health conditions.
  • Homeopathy: The use of highly diluted substances to stimulate the animal’s body to heal itself.
  • Nutrition Therapy: The use of specialized diets and dietary supplements to address health problems and promote overall wellness.
  • Animal Normalization Therapy: The use of hands-on therapy based on the principles of osteopathy.

Dr. Swartz will discuss conventional and alternative care options to determine the best approach for your pet.

Change Of Approach

For this service, comprehensive veterinary records are always helpful, especially in second-opinion consults. Change of approach or second opinion consults will help give a fresh perspective on your pet’s health.

Vaccination Protocols

Dr. Swartz will discuss individualized vaccination protocols for all species based on the specific needs and risk factors of each individual animal. This approach considers the pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, overall health status, and prior vaccination history.

Lab Work

D. Swartz offers basic lab work as long as your companion animal is amenable to home restraint and blood draws.